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Wincite Painter - A Tool Set for Designing and Implementing Customized Wincite Screens

The most important and unique feature of Wincite is the ability to create and edit customized screens that are used to capture and view information that reflect the unique and changing needs of business users. This capability is inherent in the Wincite database and is designed to be used by non-technical business users.

The Wincite Painter appears to be a prototyping application in terms of quickly creating screens with fields, buttons, images and tables. However, what looks like a prototype screen, is actually a fully functional screen that is ready to accept input, store information and link to files and web sites. A screen designed in Painter automatically modifies and updates the mirrored browser eWincite screen without any further action.

Think of the Painter in terms of designing and constructing an object using Legos blocks. You start with a set of predefined functional parts that can be easily assembled to meet a wide variety of user needs. In addition the parts can be easily reconfigured as needs evolve.

Once a screen has been conceptually defined, the associated screen can usually be designed and implemented in less than half hour. This also means that a new or updated eWincite browser screen would be up and running in the same timeframe.

This capability is particularly important for competitive intelligence and knowledge management because requirement tend to change over time based on market dynamics and the changing requirements of users.

Because of this quasi proto-typing approach, new applications can be implemented in a much shorter timeframe. The initial design provides a starting point for the evaluation and testing of screens. As requirements are refined, it is easy to add and modify screens and reports accordingly.

Some of the screens typically associated with Wincite include the following:


Sophisticated Simplicity in Action

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