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About Wincite Systems

Wincite is a software oriented company that is focused on applications that support executives, managers, and knowledge workers in the organization and presentation of business intelligence.  In general this encompasses an information repository that links people to information using intranet portals.  Applications are frequently associated with: competitive intelligence, market research, strategic planning, sale force support, research and development, and knowledge management.

Wincite is located in downtown Chicago and is privately owned by company management.  Clients represent a broad range of industries and various functional areas within the companies.  Customers include over 50 Fortune 500 size companies, plus many other growing companies that are challenged by the need to leverage intellectual assets.


Create a capability for organizations to more effectively organize, manage, and apply information and intellectual assets in support of the decision making needs of managers and executives.  In providing this service, leverage the ever expanding capacity of computer technology to meet the needs of business models that are driven by the dynamics of competitive markets.


Wincite Systems is an application software company that is focused on areas related to competitive intelligence, business analysis/planning and knowledge management.  Since 1988 Wincite has developed customized applications for over 200 companies in a wide variety of industries and a number of different functional areas.  The software has evolved over time to take advantage of the many advances in computer technology and the ever changing information needs of companies using Wincite.

The basic architecture of the system is a number of Topic/Subject screens that organize information that is stored in a relational database.  Users can access, view, and update these screens over a LAN network or web portal using a corporate intranet.  Users can also define customized profile reports, benchmark reports, and graphs that are dynamically linked to the contents of the database.

One of the primary features of the system is the embedded “screen painter”.  It empowers business analysts, without programming skills, to create and modify screens that both captures and displays relevant business intelligence and supporting information sources.  These screens can be designed to map intelligence to business processes and provide intuitive views of competitive markets and products.  In addition to the fields used for capturing information and assessments, there are “click and view” buttons that display related files, reports, graphs, tables, queries, and web pages.

Wincite has the unique ability to quickly respond to the changing needs of managers and the dynamics of competitive markets.  It also enables users of the application to adapt Wincite to meet a very broad range business needs including: strategic analysis and planning, product management, market research, R&D tracking and sales force information support, to name some of the areas of application.


Wincite traces its origin to 1987 when a group of ex Price Waterhouse consultants set out to develop a better executive information system based on their experience in developing a very successful financial planning and reporting system for clients at Price Waterhouse.  The executive information system evolved into a system that supported the rapidly growing market for competitive intelligence services.  In the late 90’s the Wincite application moved into new markets that needed business portals running on intranets to support business intelligence needs on a global basis. 


Don Smith has been the president of Wincite Systems since 1997.  He has an extensive background in management consulting, having been with Price Waterhouse for 30 years and a partner for 23 years.  At Price Waterhouse he played a key role in the area of integrating the information needs of business managers with the evolving capabilities of computer technology.  He was the chairman of the group responsible for the early deployment of personal computers and their integration with the professional practice.


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