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Networking Knowledge Using eWincite

eWincite uses a company's intranet network to distribute and collect information and intelligence from a managed shared database.

A database associated with either Wincite or Knowledge Notebooks can be accessed and updated using a eWincite browser intranet interface.

LAN based applications typically support users in an office location, whereas eWincite supports users wherever they have Web access and security permissions to use eWincite. Most Wincite applications currently use eWincite on a corporate wide/global basis to support hundreds and even thousands of end users. eWincite is like comparing a Cable Network with local TV, including the options to subscribe to specific channels.

Features available to eWincite users

  • Easy access to a large library of Profile and Benchmark reports that link to  field values in a Wincite database.
    • Reports always reflect the current values in the database.
    • Contents typically include competitor and product profile information
  • Instant access to web sources associated with buttons in screens
  • Different business groups can have customized portal access screens
  • News by specific areas of interest can be accessed and viewed
  • Users with security rights can update specific screens
  • Both the number users and size of the database are very scalable
  • Screens can support interactive dialogs with a blog type functionality
    • Users on a global basis can interact and manage technical projects
  • Capable of supporting an internal Wikipedia type collaboration functionality
Used extensively to support sales force knowledge networking


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