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Knowledge Notebooks
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Introducing a new software system to provide a framework to capture, organize, evaluate and distribute intelligence in a business environment.  A Knowledge Notebook integrates existing internal files and reports along with assessments and external web links to populate any number of special interest Notebooks.  Each notebook is uniquely defined to meet the specific business needs of a group of users. New Notebooks can be added as new areas of application are identified such as: projects, areas of news, research teams, analysis of competitors, vendor evaluations, new products, pricing analysis, etc.

A Knowledge Notebook application is easy to get up and running, typically in a week or less. It is also relatively inexpensive at $5,000 for a team of up to 10 named users. This includes the ability to generate and distribute summary reports by email to other people.  In almost all cases no additional hardware or software is required. There also is an add-on option that connects the system to a company’s Intranet with a browser based interface. This approach can support over a thousand users.

Each Notebook has an associated screen with a title, a table with a user defined number of rows and a number of buttons to store links. The cells in a table row are like data fields and are used to display and enter information, as well as manage links. The buttons support links which can access: web sites, Microsoft Office files, internal documents, Windows files and folders, PDFs, images, podcasts, etc. These links are very easy to create, just drag a hyperlink from a web page, or an internal folder or file name onto a button or table cell to activate the link. Internal files, folders, reports and web sites can be linked to any number of Notebooks.

Using Knowledge Notebooks is somewhat like TV surfing.  You start by selecting the type of content you want to view (like movies), and then you select from a list of related channels. When you select a channel, a table is displayed with a time ordered list of programs. For additional program information, you click on a program row to drilldown for more detail. With Notebooks you follow the same general steps.  In the end we think Knowledge Notebooks is easier to use than your typical cable TV remote. Besides knowledge surfing can be more informative.

The underlying architecture of the system is based on Wincite Systems software which has been used by large corporations for a number of years to manage large competitive intelligence databases and related reporting. Its flexibility and power relates to the embedded underlying database.

Wincite Knowledge Notebook Functions

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