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Wincite Products

Level 1

Knowledge Notebooks

  • 10 user LAN based system using Microsoft LAN server db engine
  • 3 Notebook formats with customized tables and reports
  • Unlimited number of uniquely named notebooks
  • Up and running in a week.
  • Distribute selected notebook summary reports using email.
  • Screens support buttons with links, tables, tags, search functions and reports

   Cost $5,000

Level 2

eWincite using Knowledge Notebooks or Wincite LAN
  • Unlimited number of Web and LAN users
  • Notebooks are accessible with a Web browser interface using a company intranet
  • SQL Server or Oracle db and Microsoft IIS systems support.
  • Sophisticated security for read/write rights and access to specific notebooks
  • Upgrade can be remote and takes a couple of days

   Cost $10,000

Level 3

Wincite LAN and Screen Design Module
(plus related database features)
  • Screen Design Module is used to create any number of customized screens
  • Screens can be created and managed by company business analysts
  • Capacity to support well over a thousand users
  • Open end development platform
  • Multiple home page portals
  • Extended report writer module
  • Extended internal search module
  • Links to thousands of information sources, both internal and external
  • Existing Wincite data can be easily migrated to expanded application

   Cost $10,000


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Knowledge Notebooks:
- Overview Presentation
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- Networking Knowledge




Wincite LAN:
- Screen Painter Tool Set
- Knowledge Management