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The Wincite Difference

Creating an Easy to use 
Knowledge Environment for Businesses

Database Warehouse Platform
  • Scalability
    • Content
    • Users
    • Complexity of hierarchy and accessibility
  • Standard database technology  using Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC compliant database
    • Importing, exporting and linking of information sources
    • Use of existing sophisticated security standards
  • Use of search tools and related technologies
Web Browser Intranet Support
  • Accessibility wherever there is access to the Web
  • Use of in place company security standards
  • Direct connection to database and current contents
  • Control of rights over specific database areas
    • View only
    • Update database contents
    • Manage links to fields and buttons
Viewing and Creating Links to Internal and External Information and Sources
  • Single click access to:
    • Internally stored files and folders 
      • Microsoft Office files
      • Documents 
      • Reports
      • Images and chart
      • PDF Files
    • External sources
      • Web pages and sites
      • News feeds
      • RSS, blogs and Podcast services
  • Create links with a drag and drop function
    • Links are associated with buttons and fields in screens
Report Writer
  • Profile reports
    • Document type reports that summarize information content 
    • Saved formatted reports associated with buttons
    • User defined reports by fields and related contents
    • Export reports automatically to Outlook and Word
  • Benchmark reports
    • Matrix Spreadsheet format type reports
    • Saved formatted reports associated with buttons
    • Summarized field values from selected screens
    • Customized reports used by end users
    • Generate charts based on values in columns
    • Export to Excel
Using the Painter Module to Create and Update Screens with content fields
  • Development tool set for use by business analysts without IT background
  • Lego block type of process, similar to other proto-typing applications
  • Saved changes to screens automatically updates the database and related browser screens
  • Changes to screens, including browser connected screens, can be modified in minutes and be available for viewing and receiving content
  • Application can easily evolve over time as requirements evolve


Search Functions
  • Links to external public search engines and saved criteria
  • Internal search functions
    • Search the contents of the database including tags and keywords
    • Search designated internal directories
    • Search internal databases using field values as part of query


Use of Tables Embedded in Screens
  • Tables are used in all Wincite modules
  • They can be customized by the number of columns and rows and the type of data
  • Tables can be viewed as mini databases related to specific screens, such as:
    • Product specifications
    • Lists of experts in a particular area
    • Blogs related to specific areas of interest
    • News and research papers related to defined subject
    • Business opportunities
  • Each cell can have an attached: links, notes, and audit card
  • Zoomed cells can contain several pages of text
Utilities and Audit Trails
  • Each field has an audit card with update and source information
  • All links have audit cards
  • Library of all links and related information
  • Usage statistics related to links and last used date
  • Option to encrypt the database
  • Option to maintain an audit trail of all changes to fields


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