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Sample of Functional Screens Used in Wincite Applications


The following lists reflect some of the types Topic screens that have been customized and implemented as part of a Wincite application. Each is referred to as Topic screen, and each Topic can have an unlimited number associated Subjects such as: competitors, products, projects, regions, market segments, etc.


Competitive Intelligence Corporate Intranet Portal
Competitor profiles Internal documents and reports
Competitor SWOT analysis Corporate database query results
Newsletters and alerts Specific research sites- internal and subscription
Meta library of information sources Search tools that target internally managed files
Porter 5 Force Analysis
KITs General Management
Briefing center with a large collection of reports Mergers Acquisitions Activities
Competitor web site tracking Key executives at competitors
Database of expert resources Project management
Competitor financial analysis
Sales Force Support Facilities profiles
Proposal support information Legal and legislation news
News and  information for field sales staff Purchasing analysis
Bidding histories and strategies Vendor assessment
Win-loss analysis
Record of customer services Product and Services
Product profiles
Marketing Management Pricing and promotions
Market segment analysis Product specifications
Marketing research sources Product SWOT
Trade shows and conferences Supply Chain Analysis
New product launches Regions and market segment analysis
Technical Analysis-Product Development Other
Technical dialogs/blogs Planning assumptions for budgeting
Technical field support FAQ Chart room for performance analysis
Technical SWOT analysis Economic information and forecasts
Project management summaries Support strategic planning information needs
Patents and licenses database Drug approval pipeline
Tracking clinical studies


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